Dates and Venus for CM Teacher Information Meeting

1) Friday, 09/13 @ 9:00 AM - Music Studio of Rosemary Yang in Alhambra
2) Wednesday, 09/18 @ 9:30 AM - ADI Music in Walnut
3) Thursday, 09/26 @ 11:00 - Hayfield Music in Koreatown

Welcome to our new, transfer, and reinstated members.


Bom An, oboe

Philip Eberhart, piano

Debbie Lee, cello

Nicole Pierson, piano/voice

Yichien Wu, violin


Kristin Center, piano

Yoo Ji Hwang, clarinet

Guenhwa Lee, piano

Emilia Tamburri, piano

Mindy Cheng, piano

Ellie Ikeda, piano/musicology

Martin Leung, piano

Szu-Yun Wang, violin

Transfer members

Connie Nam, piano

Sirarpi Zirekyants, piano

Reinstated members

Theresa F. Hsu, piano

Tammie Joo, violin

Penny Pan Ouelette, piano/organ

Pavel Petrov, piano

Yixuan Xu, piano

Lucine Zirekyants, violin/voice